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Southpac Aerospace has a highly regarded Consulting & Advisory team that supports and guides organisations on all aspects of aviation operations. Our knowledgeable team can manage complex or technical projects of any size requiring the expertise of a highly skilled aviation professional.

Depending on the needs of each client, our flexible model provides a number of options for delivery – from on-demand to ongoing maintenance.

Management Systems

Management Systems Consulting, Reviews and Improvement
Manuals & Expositions

The writing and development of Aviation Manuals & Expositions
Safety Innovation

New safety ideas, approaches and tools
Aviation Advisory

Aviation advice and support from our team of experts

Management Systems

Southpac Aerospace has long been considered specialists in the development and application of aviation management systems.



Southpac have long been considered specialists in the development and application of aviation management systems. Our team can assist with the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of your organisation’s management systems. Combined with our world leading management systems training, Southpac can provide a full range of management systems assistance. Our management systems development services include:

  • Management Systems development and implementation for Quality, Safety, WHS and Environment
  • Systems reviews, restructures and integration projects
  • Technology integrations for system and process management
  • Development of HSE Plans and Base Safety Programs
  • Risk Management support including Operational Risk Assessments, Bowtie workshops and development and safety case development
  • Safety Case Development using large-scale accident databases to generate, and tailor Safety Cases matched to Contract scope and aircraft type
  • Assurance support including Audit & Investigation – See our Audit & Assurance services
  • Development of safety promotion material
  • Safety surveys
  • Assistance with alternate means of compliance applications

Manuals & Expositions


Helicopter pilots in the Northern Territory are among those who benefit from attending Southpac's new aircraft accident investigation course.

Whether your existing manuals and expositions require reviews and updates due to regulatory changes or need to be updated, our experienced team can assist. Southpac have successfully delivered projects ranging from start-up organisations requiring the full suite of manuals through to established operators that require manual reviews and rationalisation. The manuals and expositions we develop include:

  • Flight Operations Manuals
  • Maintenance organisation and CAMO expositions (Parts 42 & 145)
  • Quality and Safety Management Systems Manuals
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Company Standards & Manuals
A helicopter pilot flies over Katherine Gorge confident after updating their manuals and expositions with assistance from Southpac Aerospace.

Safety Innovation

Aviation Safety experts Southpac offer a large variety of aviation training courses that help students achieve Diploma qualifications.
A plane takes off with confidence after carrying out an aviation audit and safety assurance with Southpac Aerospace


Southpac has been at the forefront of developing and utilising contemporary and innovative approaches to safety management including the adoption of Human and Organisational Performance and Safety-II philosophies and practices. Many organisations are beginning to question traditional assumptions of what good safety management and SMS look like. Southpac can assist you to explore new approaches and help you to uncover latent capacity and sources of innovation that are not currently being tapped into. Our Safety Innovation services include:

  • HOP and Safety II integration
  • Learning Teams and Operational Learning initiatives
  • Decluttering initiatives
  • Safety systems reviews
  • Embedded research projects

High Reliability, Resilience and Complexity

While aviation accident rates have gradually plateaued worldwide, the emerging sciences of complexity, resilience and high-reliability represent a paradigm shift in safety that introduces new regimes of risk controls. Complementary to Southpac’s Safety Innovation initiatives, we offer assistance in developing programs regarding:

  • Understanding and managing complex organisations
  • Operational resilience at individual, team and organisation levels
  • Creating the high reliability organisation

Human Factors

Our Consulting & Advisory team includes world-renowned specialists in Human Factors. Southpac offers comprehensive Human Factors training and consulting delivered by leading experts in the field, addressing the specific needs of the various operationally unique sectors of the aviation industry and other high risk or high reliability industries. As well as addressing the operational safety and Human Factors issues faced by each client, our team can support the development and improvement of organisational safety culture, including:

  • Development and implementation of CRM/MRM/NTS Training Programs
  • Human Factors reviews and assessments
  • Fatigue management and FRMS development

Aviation Advisors


Offshore oil rig helicopter pilots are among those who benefit from Southpac Aerospace’s Aviation Advisory Department.

Southpac’s Aviation Advisory Department is headed by a globally experienced Advisor and backed by a team with an extensive range of aviation and industry experience, including managing aviation operations for offshore Oil & Gas exploration and production.

Whether an organisation needs support or oversight of an in-house aviation or safety department, or the complete management of aviation operations, our team can provide any level of advisory to ensure safe, reliable and compliant operations.

Offshore oil rig helicopter pilots are among those who benefit from Southpac Aerospace’s Aviation Advisory Department.

Advice for Aviation Operators

We can provide advice and assistance to aviation operators of any size in the following broad areas:

Corporate Advice

  • Business risk, contract/tender reviews, advice on ALARP & risk assessments, change management, and advice on specialist operations
  • Assessment of organisational leadership/culture and recommendations
  • Advice on solutions to problems not well defined by Regulation or Client standards (where alternate means of compliance and safety are required)
  • Risk assessment of non-compliance with minimum criteria (pilot hours, engineer experience, aircraft performance, facility design, etc)
  • Organisational application of IOGP, AMG and BARS standards as required
  • Organisational Development: management of complexity, the development of organisational resilience and the assurance of high reliability
  • Safety and Quality aspects of contract acquisition, preparation, mobilisation, execution, and demobilisation
  • Gap analysis comparison of a client’s aviation standard with the BARS system

Flight Operations

  • Advice on high-risk events (such as in-flight loss of control, CFiT, inappropriate crew response to system malfunction, obstacle strike, wrong-deck landings, or lightning strikes)
  • Electronic Flight Bag systems
  • Electronic systems of management and technology integrations
  • Bowtie workshops
  • Development of operational standards and procedures
  • Generation of Overall Survival Equations for maritime and onshore environments, tailored to Contract scope [PPE, ERP, SAR assets]
  • Assurance of safety in Maintenance Check Flights
  • Development of FDM programs, Line Orientated Safety Assessment programs and Evidence-Based Training programs

Engineering & Maintenance

  • Generate and conduct HUMS/VHM training and workshops
  • Development and implementation of M-LOSA
  • Choice of electronic systems of maintenance
  • Generation and development of Airworthiness/Maintenance bowties and bowtie workshops
  • Aircraft inspections and maintenance reviews

Advice for Aviation Users

Southpac can provide a full suite of advice and assistance to organisations that use contracted aviation services within their operations.


  • Evaluation of alternate means of compliance (including means other than aviation, choice between aircraft/helicopter types, overall assessment of contract operational risk)
  • Advice on specialist operations such as offshore passenger transport, SAR, NVG, external load, aerial fire suppression, UAV, and fixed-wing STOL
  • Competency requirements (eg. assurance of competency checklists based on Safety Case method)
  • Assessment of the suitability of specific aircraft types and safety critical features
  • Advice on aircraft lease agreements
  • Assistance with technical aspects of Request for Proposals and Invitation to Tender
  • Assistance with aviation services contract clause writing
  • Bid evaluations
  • Risk assessment of non-compliance with minimum criteria (pilot hours, engineer experience, aircraft performance, facility design, etc)
  • Advice on contract operations demobilization requirements

Business Unit Development

  • Aviation policy development
  • Business Unit readiness evaluation (such as passenger management systems, HSE/PPE requirements, facility management, offshore/base readiness)
  • Development of Business Unit aviation Safety Case and associated hazard bowties
  • Logistics personnel aviation competencies

Contract Preparation & Demobilisation

  • Risk assessment of the greater operational environment (ATC/navigation infrastructure, airspace constraints, CFiT assessment, Overall Survival Equation and ERP development)
  • Readiness review and audit of Aircraft Operator or Maintenance Organisation
  • On-shore facility design and inspection (such as operations and maintenance infrastructure, fuel facilities, runways, and helipads)
  • Offshore facility design and inspection (helipad, fuel facility, fire suppression, and navigation aids as per CAP437)

Ongoing Contract Maintenance & Demobilisation

  • Ongoing audit and review of contracted fixed-wing and helicopter operators, maintenance organisations and subcontractors (medevac and SAR cabin crew), onshore and offshore facilities
  • Risk assessments and management of change oversight as such requirements arise
  • Safety surveys
  • Accident/occurrence and hazard report investigations

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