Increase emergency capabilities and preparedness within your organisation

A working emergency exit sign highlights the importance of Increasing emergency capabilities and preparedness within organisations

Get the knowledge, tools and processes to reduce risks and increase emergency capabilities and preparedness in your organisation, while contributing to a management-focused Diploma.

Being prepared for an emergency is vital to the operation of any business.

Disasters can impact businesses anywhere, any time, including crashes, natural disasters, technology or infrastructure failures, industrial actions, workplace incidents and more. Not preparing for events like these exponentially increases the impact it will have on your organisation. The consequences for unprepared organisations range from significant financial losses, to operational and reputational damage. Not to mention, sometime it can even result in legal costs and fines.

By knowing what your risks are, how to assess them and how to design effective, achievable risk treatment measures, you can become prepared to manage risks and hazards that arise.

Southpac’s Emergency Response Plan Course is facilitated by experts in disaster management from Phoenix Resilience. Their experience has extended to war zones, airfield emergencies, supply chain continuity crises and government agency disaster management. Therefore, they are highly valuable specialists in this field.

Throughout the 3-day course, participants will be introduced to emergency management and preparedness processes. In addition, you will be assisted in developing and exercising an Emergency Response Plan. You will learn and strengthen the skills needed to protect your business against adverse impacts, becoming more valuable to your organisation.

Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll also obtain 2 units of competency that contribute to the Diploma of Quality Auditing, the Diploma of Leadership & Management and the Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management).

Why work towards a Diploma with Southpac?

We ensure that our programs provide the best value for money and the broadest and deepest education possible. Our aim is to provide more than just units of competencies. We provide packages that are flexible, personalised and include the latest in research. Our quality training packages are designed to benefit you, your organisation and add value to your industry.

A Diploma qualification can boost your employability and provide stronger evidence of your suitability for new roles. This will especially be of benefit if you are searching for a change in another industry.

Thanks to our Stepping Stone Approach, clients who complete all the units of competency required to achieve the Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) will automatically obtain the Diploma of Quality Auditing and the Diploma of Leadership & Management under the current requirements.

Achieving these additional Diplomas through the current course structure will only be possible for a limited time. After that, in early 2022, Diploma requirements will change. The Diploma of Quality Auditing will soon require 12 units of competency rather than the current 8 units. Further, the units of competency for the Diploma of Leadership & Management will also be changing.

How the ERP Course contributes to a Diploma

The content covered in the Emergency Response Plan Course is highly valuable to individuals and organisations for the knowledge and tools it provides for emergency preparedness, it also provides units of competency towards each of our Diplomas.

Emergency Response Plan Course | 2 units of competency
PUAEMR008 Contribute to an emergency risk management process
PUAEMR013 Design emergency management exercises

Here are the most popular pathways for achieving a Diploma with Southpac using the ERP Course.

Diploma of Quality Auditing (8 units of competency)

Safety and Lead Auditors Course | 4 units
Aviation Safety Management Systems | 3 units
Emergency Response Plan | 1 unit

Diploma of Leadership & Management (12 units of competency)

Advanced Management & Leadership | 6 units
Systems for Continual Improvement | 4 units
Safety Investigators Course | 1 unit
Emergency Response Plan | 1 unit

Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) (24 units of competency)

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Emergency Response Plan Course

This course will provide you with the knowledge, processes and tools you need to know what your risks are, how to assess them and how to design effective, achievable risk treatment measures.

Upcoming Dates

19 – 21 October, 2021 | LIVE & Virtual