H.O.P & Learning Team Success!

Flying high about the clouds, Southpac's HOP course delivered by Bob Edwards was a resounding success with participants from several industries praising Bob’s practical approach.

Southpac CEO, Andy Shone, Bob Edwards and Art of Works Daniel Hummerdal



Last weeks course delivered by Bob Edwards was a resounding success with participants from a number of industries praising Bob’s practical approach and outstanding facilitation style. Course attendees were able to gain great insight into the benefits of taking a different approach to Human and Organisational Performance and how by being more interested in learning than blaming amazing things can happen. Countless examples of real operational learning and improvement demonstrated why this method is proving to be so popular.

By happy chance, Art of Works Daniel Hummerdal, founder of the Safety Differently website was in town and was able to provide an impromptu overview of the Safety Differently journey and Art of Works Safety 2 approach.

One course participant stated it was the most engaging, informative and practical course that I have attended for a very long time and all in attendance were keen to go away and try the approach in their own organisations.

Disappointed to have missed out? You will be glad to hear that Southpac has arranged for Bob to return to run the workshops in Brisbane and Melbourne in January. Contact us to hold your place!

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